Refrigeration Air Dryer With Moisture Separator


Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing high quality refrigerated air dryers, filters and drain systems designed to remove moisture and contaminates from compressed air systems.

We select only the highest quality components and materials to use in the manufacturing process of our dryers. Through a process of rationalization and innovation our dryers have evolved into a high quality product backed by the industry's longest warranty.

Moisture Separator :

We offer our clients a wide gamut of Industrial Moisture Separators that are used for various industrial purposes. These moisture separators are designed to act as Industrial Moisture Separator cum filters for gas and compressed air. The structure of our range of air moisture separator consists of a completely sealed high performing cyclonic type mechanical moisture separator cum filter. High on durability and efficiency, these Industrial Moisture Separators can sustain even the harshest surroundings.

Inter cooler :

Most industrial compressors operating today are a multistage design. To optimize the cost of compressing gases it is popular to use multi-stage industrial compressor. When the Air compressor compresses air, heat is generated this causes the air to expand requiring an increase of HP for further air compression. It's suited between the first & second stage of multistage air compressor. the role of the compressor inter cooler is to provide colder, dryer, denserair to the next stage of compression.

Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd can provide just the intercooler element OR the entire unit including the outer casing.

Used to :

  • Remove moisture and unwanted particles to the micron level from the atmosphere.
  • Generate compressed air for various industrial applications.

Features :

  • Economical and consumes less power
  • Effectively remove all the moisture and other contaminants.
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Low pressure drop
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Remote interfacing & monitoring
  • Adopted environment friendly refrigerant system
  • Reliable, automatic drain valve with bypass arrangement