Fin-tube Oil Cooler


Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd different types of Oil Coolers are suitable for all oil cooling needs. Our plant is designed to handle any size of coolers.

Fin-tube Oil Cooler :

    An early design known for its low oil-side pressure drop and multi-directional fin access for easy installations. The air fin is mechanically bonded and the tubes are Arc, Gas or TIG welded together, forming a cross-tube and header design. Flexibility is the significant advantage of this cooler design as it can be adapted to most applications by varying the length, height, fin density and tube diameters.

Salient Features of Oil Cooler :

  • Sturdy construction
  • Long-lasting
  • Endure high pressure
  • Promises economical operation
  • Nicely coated to avoid corrosion
  • Hassle free performance for years
  • Require low maintenance