Chilled Water Coil


The 'heart' of our air heat exchangers is the finned coil, built up from a circuit of interconnected tube serpentines and hydrophilic anti-corrosive coated fins to increase the heat exchanging surface. By varying the combination of key design variables (coil materials, coil geometry, casing design) air units are very versatile heat exchangers with a great variety of applications in many industries.

Product Detail

Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd served the chemical, food, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, utility, and general industrial markets, by manufacturing the highest quality coils. Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd is able to provide effective solutions that meet the special needs and requirements of its customers. This is achieved by fabricating a complete line of custom industrial grade finned tube coils that are suitable for the end users specific application and conditions it operates under.

Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd designs and manufactures coils for new installations, for wide ranges of applications from industrial process to HVAC comfort conditioning. These coils are available in any shape or size and fabricated from a variety of materials.

Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd can also provide our customers with an exact dimensional replacement of their existing coil, maintaining the connection locations as well as overall sheet metal dimensions. Which are eliminates the need of costly re-piping and sheet metal reworks. We specialize in custom exact dimensional replacement coils.

Today, Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd is a manufacturer recognized throughout the industry for its value, quality, and prompt delivery. Experienced manufacturers know that success depends on more than a great product. It requires an ongoing relationship with a customer and being capable of providing creative ideas, products, and services. Before, during, or after a sale, Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd is prepared to ensure your continued satisfaction.

We Manufactured :

  • Chilled water coil
  • Booster Coil
  • Steam Coil
  • Condenser Coil
  • Evaporator/Cooling/DX Coil
  • Hot Water Coil
  • Cassette Coil
  • Brine Coil
  • Jacket Type Coil
  • Stainless Steel Cooling/Steam Coils (SS Coils)

Features of Coils:

  • Easy installation
  • High functionality
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Longer life/Durable
  • less clogging
  • low maintenance
  • Available with Flat plate type fins, Zig -Zag type fins and Hydrophilic pre coating fins with different material for different application.