Charge Air Cooler


Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd CHARGE AIR COOLERS are suitable for a variety of applications including Marine engine and Generator cooling. The Charge Air Coolers can be adapted for use on marine and land based equipment in a variety of sizes.

Product Detail

We are offering an assortment of charge air coolers which are known for their excellent industrial worth and effective uses. Our products offers quality and durable life with the promise of the full utility of the various types of integrated pattern engineering advances we have made in the recent times. We use high technology and anti-corrosive factors to increase the overall worth of our units by a great length. Our products could be used for all sorts of backgrounds and moisture laden working conditions. We customize and package them as per customers' demands. With the help of our R & D department we manufacture client centric products and deliver them at cost effective price.

Features of Charge Omeel Coils Pvt. Ltd Air Coolers include

  • Variety of sizes available to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Variety of materials for industrial and marine use.
  • Completely customized cooler.